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Another award for excellent coffee.
12 September 2012

Drawer Kona Earth coffee won another award recently.  When I say recently I mean a couple months ago.  If I was good at marketing I would have announced it sooner and made a big deal about it.  Instead I looked at the award, told myself how awesome I am, then put the award in a drawer and forgot about it.  It's not the first time I've stuck such an award in that drawer.  Too bad I'm not a little more awesome at marketing.  If I were then I could probably turn all that praise into coffee sales.  Oh well, that's the advantage of being my own boss, I can congratulate myself on the things I do well and ignore the rest.

This most recent award was for the formal cupping at the Hawaii Coffee Association's state-wide cupping competition.  It's a pretty tough competition considering that Hawaii has some of the best coffee in the world.  The coffees were all shipped to the mainland where they were roasted and cupped by professional judges.  Kona Earth made eighth place in the creative division.  I personally know most of the top ten farms and I can honestly say that they are all fantastic farms with fantastic coffee.

Cert2012 At the risk of sounding immodest, we aren't too surprised by the award.  Our coffee has been selling better than ever this year.  We have always received stellar feedback from both regular customers as well as highly experienced coffee connoisseurs.  It's kind of too bad to receive such an award then do nothing with it but our coffee has been selling so well this year that we are almost out.  In fact, we stopped marketing completely because we can't handle any new customers right now.

The next harvest starts soon.  The trees are loaded with healthy green cherry and it looks like it will be another fantastic year.  The weather has been perfect so far and if it holds then it will be another record breaking crop for us.  Winning awards, record sales, record crop... we couldn't ask for much more.  Maybe we should start spending more time at the beach.

Other farmers have asked me what the trick is for entering coffees into competitions like this.  I think the trick is simply persistence.  Even the professional judges have a difficult time tasting the difference in the top ten coffees because they are all excellent.  When competing at such a high level, I'm happy to be anywhere near the finalists.

Some farms will hand sort their coffee before entering it, removing any beans that aren't exactly perfect.  Other farms employ professional cuppers and make special blends just for the competition.  We can't afford any of that.  My trick:  I take whatever bag happens to be on top of the pile and enter that.

Our customers are getting the same coffee that was entered in the competition, no tricks, no special blends, no hand sorting.  I figure most people would prefer to get some great coffee in the mail rather than read about some fancy award.  For me the competitions are less about getting an award and more about making sure that my coffee is as good as I think it is.  Still, it's nice to have another award in the drawer.

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