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Kona Coffee Dump Truck
7 January 2013

Dump Truck

Truck Apparently there's something about a truck that is worth singing about.  Below I have two different music videos about my new dump truck.  Well, the first video is about the dump truck, the second video is the dump truck party.

From our farm we could harvest 100,000 pounds of coffee.  That's cherry weight.  The majority of that weight, about 80% of it, ends up in the discard pile.  That's because we keep the coffee beans but throw away the fruit.

This leads to the question "Why don't you do something with all that discarded fruit?"  The fruit is sweet and full of sugars so I suppose it would be possible to do something with it.  Turning it into some sort of coffee alcohol sounds like a good idea to me.   In fact, I'd be happy to donate a few thousand pounds of slimy goop if someone wanted to give it a try.

The problem is that the discarded coffee pulp quickly turns into a giant, stinky mess.  It's also quite acidic so using it as mulch doesn't work very well.  It has to be spread very thin or it will kill everything.

I used to spread the coffee pulp back on the fields with a manure spreader.  I've stopped doing this for a couple reasons.  First, I don't want to risk spreading the coffee berry borer back on the fields.  Second, the little trailer I own is way smaller than what I need.  Shutting down two or three times per night just to dump the trailer was getting old.  Even worse was getting my pickup truck stuck in the goop.

When I heard about a dump truck for sale, for cheap, I jumped at the opportunity.  Even though the truck is way bigger than what I wanted, I drove over to Hilo to check it out.  The truck runs and is street legal... barely.  Both exhaust manifolds are cracked, one fuel tank doesn't work, the headlights don't work, it's not four wheel drive and the transmission sometimes likes to go into neutral and refuse to shift.  For the price though, it does fine.  After all, it's a farm truck now and it'll probably never drive on a real road again.

The new dump truck is so large I can process coffee all week long without even filling it half way.  No longer will I have to risk getting stuck at night in the rain, now I can wait for a nice sunny day when I'm not in a hurry.  The dump truck only barely fits down my narrow farm paths.  It required some pruning but now it's all good.

Wheel When I purchased the truck, my sister decided we needed to have a dump truck party.  Never been to a dump truck party before?  Too bad, you missed out.  The entire family surprised me by decorating the truck with graffiti, an air freshener and a bag of sunflower seeds for the driver.  There were hot dogs and beer and a giant bonfire.  We had fireworks too.  We threw some old furniture on the fire to make it extra large.  We also made giant burning torches out of discarded burlap bags.  Of course, after properly christening the dump truck, everybody climbed into the back and went for a ride.

Since it was night, with no moon, and the truck's headlights don't work, I had to lean out the window with a flashlight in order to see where I was going.  Everybody else rode in the back and had to duck whenever I drove under a tree.  I hit our mailbox and bent it a little.  Then on the way back I got the truck stuck halfway up the hill.  No problem, we put a rock under the wheel and left it until morning.

After the dump truck ride we rallied around the bonfire again.  JR set off the rest of the fireworks and Michele, hearing the camera doing its timelapse thing, decided she had to do some timelapse dancing.  For those that don't know, timelapse dancing is where you strike a pose and hold it for 15 seconds, strike another pose for another 15 seconds, then another, and another.  It doesn't really look much like dancing unless you've been drinking.

Once the food was all gone we decided that pig hunting sounded like a good idea.  Between the beer and the large group of partiers, we weren't exactly being sneaky so the wild pigs were long gone before we even got close.  Maybe next time.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my new dump truck.  I may trade it for a slightly smaller truck, or maybe I'll keep it.  If I do get another dump truck, I'll definitely have to have another dump truck party.

Christen Climb
Torch Mailbox

Watch the dump truck in action.
Watch above or download hi-res (126MB) or lo-res (27MB)

There's no party like a dump truck party.
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