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Kona Earth coffee farm
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This is a collection of articles about us, the farm, Kona coffee, Hawaii or any other subject that seemed interesting at the time.  New entries are added every Monday morning.  Usually.  Farm work comes first so we may occasionally miss a post but once a week is the goal.  With luck you'll have some new pictures and a short story to read every Monday morning while sipping your fresh Kona coffee.

Some of our weekly updates are for registered users only.  This is not an attempt to get users to register but rather an attempt to retain some privacy.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  The good news is that registering is quick, easy, free and our privacy policy guarantees you a spam free experience.  If you already have an account then all you have to do is sign in.

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Wish List Wish List:  Buy your favorite Kona coffee farmer a present.
Posted 30 Aug 2010
Home Office Home Office:  Kona Earth world wide headquarters.
Posted 9 Aug 2010
Sarah's Update Sarah's Update:  Yes, the farm is still here.
Posted 1 Aug 2010
Good Coffee Good Coffee:  Can bad coffee still be good enough?
Posted 17 May 2010
Mariana Mariana:  Our most recent work exchange volunteer.
Posted 10 May 2010
SCAA SCAA:  The 2010 SCAA expo in Anaheim.
Posted 26 Apr 2010
Tiger Cruise Tiger Cruise:  At sea aboard the USS Nimitz.
Posted 5 Apr 2010
USS Nimitz (CVN-68) USS Nimitz (CVN-68):  That ship and I were "born" on the same year.
Posted 22 Mar 2010
Pig Hunting Pig Hunting:  Free pork right in my back yard.
Posted 15 Mar 2010
Grandparents Visit Grandparents Visit:  It's always nice to have visiting family.
Posted 8 Mar 2010
Tsunami Tsunami:  Do not rely on tsunami warnings.
Posted 1 Mar 2010
Custom Database Custom Database:  Employee data is in the "Employee's Only" section.
Posted 15 Feb 2010
Farm Income Farm Income:  My farm income spreadsheet is worth $1.50/lb.
Posted 8 Feb 2010
Other Gary's Other Gary's:  How many Gary's do you know?
Posted 1 Feb 2010
No rain No rain:  Will the warm, sunny winter weather ever end?
Posted 25 Jan 2010
Always Busy Always Busy:  Fixing things and finishing projects.
Posted 18 Jan 2010
Kona Snow Kona Snow:  It's snowing in our living room.
Posted 14 Dec 2009
Home Roasting Home Roasting:  Home roasting Kona coffee is easy.
Posted 30 Nov 2009

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