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Farmer Gary Kona Earth is a family owned coffee farm.  We live on the farm and grow the coffee ourselves.  Between running the farm, selling the coffee and constantly updating the website, there is very little time left for the beach.  It's a busy life but it's worth it.

Read our About Us page for more information about us, the farm and Kona coffee.

Farm Tours

Farm Tours Stop by and we'll be happy to give you a custom tour of our Kona coffee farm.  We live and work on the farm so we're almost always here.  It's best to call first to make sure the weather is cooperating and the gate is open.  These driving directions will help you find your way here.

We don't have a visitor center or gift shop but we do sell coffee from the farm.  No purchase necessary though, we gladly give tours and free tastings to anybody interested in Kona coffee.

Kona Weather

Kona Weather

This forecast is for the Kona airport which is at sea level.  Kona Earth coffee farm is at 2000 feet above sea level.  Our local weather is heavily affected by the volcano so when it's hot and sunny down at the beach it will often be cloudy and cooler on the farm.  A typical day, any time of year, will have a low in the 60's, a high near 80, sun in the morning and possible afternoon showers.  Perfect weather for growing Kona coffee.

The seasons don't change much in the tropics so Hawaii does not use daylight savings time.  Hawaii time is several hours behind mainland time.

Current time in Hawaii:  GMT -10
Today's sunrise time:  06:49
Today's sunset time:  18:21
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Kena Pure Kona Coffee - 100% Hawaiian Kona coffee beans
Direct from our farm, we offer our Estate Reserve and USDA-certified Fancy and Peaberry Kona Coffee, roasted to order. Free shipping on U.S. orders of five pounds or more.

Kona-Coffee-Farms.com - Fine Kona Coffee farms, recognized by the Kona Coffee Council.

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