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Which is better, a mug of freshly roasted gourmet coffee brewed just for you or a styrofoam cup filled with generic, stale gas station coffee?  The decision is obvious and the same decision should be made with your website.  There are a huge number of websites out there so if you want your website to rise above the rest then you need a solution that says gourmet instead of generic.

Quality is more than skin deep, especially when it comes to website design.  A pretty picture is a good starting point but a truly professional website is also fast, reliable, secure and easy to use.  Behind the scene, there are a ton of technical details required to make everything work smoothly.  Getting it right requires someone with a strong technical background and years of experience.

I have been working professionally with computers and networks since the early days.  I have dealt with everything from product design and development to server maintenance, security and marketing.  When it comes to websites, whether you want help with a specific detail or prefer to have it all done for you, contact me and we'll find a solution that suits your needs.

Expertise and Services

Technical Engineering
and Implementation
I can help with the "hard stuff".  I have years of professional development experience with products ranging from server load balancers to computer games and websites.  If you're looking for technical skills, look no further.
Shopping Cart
Payment Gateway
This is possibly the most critical and complex part of any e-commerce website.  Online shopping must be easy, safe and reliable or the customers will go elsehwere.  I can set you up with an off-the-shelf solution or develop a custom shopping cart tailored specifically for your needs.  This is a service that very few web design companies offer.
Server Configuration and Management
Designing and building a website is just the beginning, keeping the server running is where the real black magic happens.  That's the best part of using an individual developer instead of a large company, I am happy to help with the technical details and if anything ever does go wrong I am just a phone call away.
Custom Website Design,
Photography and Artwork
The development process starts with a thorough interview to create a design that is unique, elegant and tailored to the client's specific needs.  A little creativity, photography and artwork can turn your website into a show piece that reflects the look and feel of your business.
Online Security
Spam Prevention
Security is paramount.  SSL, PCI compliance, firewalls, data encryption, hacker prevention, phishing, spam, DoS, injection attacks... the list goes on.  I have dealt with all these issues and more.  I can make sure that your website is safe for you and your clients.
LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
This is the most popular online development software stack but it's not exactly easy to use.  It requires knowledge of the operating system, the web server, database management and the programming language to put it all together.  I am experienced with all of it and, even better, I can explain it in simple English.
Domain Name Registration
Choosing a good domain name is an important first step.  The URL should reflect your business, be easy to remember, work well with the search engines and, most importantly, be available.  Check for available domain names then we'll discuss the choices and I'll do the rest.
Website Reliability
and Optimizations
A fancy website does no good if people can't access it.  As an online consumer myself, I have a very low tolerance for misbehaving websites.  Building a robust and speedy website is important if you want to keep loyal customers.  I will help make sure your website it always available and operating at 100%.
Search Engine Optimization
Every business owner wants a #1 Google ranking.  Unfortunately, promises of a #1 Google ranking are like promises of natural male enhancement:  it's just not true.  I'll help you learn what is and is not true concerning search engine rankings, keywords, external links and Pay-Per-Click advertising.  Strong website placement starts with proper website design.

For new clients I am happy to schedule an hour consultation at no charge.  We can discuss your needs and get an overall feel for what is involved.  I'm confident I can help but if I'm not the right person for the job then I'll be happy to refer you to someone that is.  Simply contact me and we can get started.

The real brains behind the operation.

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