Paid to Live in Paradise

This 13 acre leasehold coffee farm is ideal for entrepreneurs and homesteaders because it combines a full-time income with picturesque island living. Truly profitable farms are rare in Kona. With an already established business, Kona Earth allows you to be your own boss as you grow and sell your award winning coffee. Other marketable crops include macadamia nuts and avocados or whatever you want to grow. The vegetable gardens, fruit trees and chickens create a true homestead.

The farm is only fifteen minutes from downtown Kailua-Kona but in a world of its own. Enjoy gentle tropical breezes and admire the ocean views while making your home work for you instead of working for your home.

Note about leasehold farms

There is a stigma against leasehold coffee farms. This reputation is well deserved because there are far too many coffee "farms" that are not in compliance with their lease and may never be profitable. For example, if a farm's lease is scheduled to be renegotiated in 2020 or expires in 2023, that is a strong indication that buyers should beware. Even fully compliant farms can have serious issues and may never be profitable. Also, very few banks will offer financing for leasehold farms so being able to pay cash is probably a requirement. For these reason, many realtors are extremely hesitant to show leasehold farms and will try to steer buyers in a different direction.

We recognize that coffee farming is difficult and not for everyone. We agree that many buyers belong in a condo on the beach rather than on a Kona coffee estate. However, there are always exceptions. Kona Earth is a professional and profitable business with the financial records to prove it. Unfortunately, due to an endless stream of dreamers, we can only share detailed financial information with qualified buyers. If you are serious, so are we. You get what you pay for and in some cases a leasehold property can be a fantastic deal. Please don't let your experience with other leasehold properties scare you away from this one.