Sustainable Farming

While the farm has utilities such as electricity and Internet, daily sunshine and mild temperatures all year long makes off-grid living a realistic option. There is no need for central heating or air conditioning. Large water tanks catch so much natural rainwater that you'll never run out. A solar water heater makes the hot water just as free as the cold water. Enjoy independence from large utility bills and municipal water restrictions.

The award winning coffee is the primary crop but that's not all. Macadamia nuts and avocados can also generate an income. Chickens, honey bees, wild turkeys, wild pigs, a variety of tropical fruits and an expansive garden produce plenty for the family with enough left over for the local farmer's market. There's even enough land for horses, goats, sheep or other farm animals. The farm can be so self-sufficient, you may never need to go to the store again.


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