Estate Income

Instead of working to pay for your home, let your home work for you. This farm can generate $50,000, $150,000, $250,000 or more per year, depending on where you decide to take the business next. Nearly all farming expenses are tax deductible which really helps the profit margins. Whether you want to be a full-time farmer or nearly retired, you'll be earning money from home while enjoying the great tropical weather and admiring the fantastic ocean views.


Selling Coffee

A typical coffee farm in Kona is lucky if it can grow 2000 pounds of coffee per acre. A semi-professional farm can produce 4000 pounds per acre. The truly professional Kona coffee farms average 8000 pounds per acre. The record harvest for this farm is more than 12,000 pounds per acre. Whether you sell to the local mills or direct to consumers, that's a lot of coffee.

The easiest choice is to simply let the trees do all the work and sell the unprocessed coffee directly to the local mill. With a harvest that could exceed 100,000 pounds of coffee cherry at the current price of $2 per pound, that's an easy way to make a living.


Wet Mill

Using the farm's existing processing facilities and a little effort, that $2 per pound coffee cherry can be turned into $15-$25 per pound wholesale green beans. The farm's professional wet mill and drying deck has plenty of capacity for processing it's own coffee as well as coffee from other farms. A 2000 pound batch of coffee, at 35 cents per pound, requires about 3 hours to process. That's $233 per hour... all season long.

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Direct to Consumers

The highest profit margin comes from selling roasted coffee directly to consumers. This farm has a thriving business with both retail and wholesale customers. Many Kona coffee farms have a label but that's not the same as having actual customers. With Kona Earth, the website alone has seen constant growth and can sell more than $10,000 per month. An eager entrepreneur could easily triple that amount or more. When it comes to selling premium Kona coffee, the sky is the limit. Kona coffee often sells for more than $50 per pound.

Kona Earth

All of the farm's coffee is currently sold under the well-known Kona Earth brand which has increased in value every year. The website serves both retail and wholesale customers. Coffee has shipped all over the world, including Japan, Korea, Canada, Australia, Europe and even some unexpected destinations such as Ukraine and Saudi Arabia. Most Kona farms never reach this level of business.

In addition to coffee, the farm also produces commercial quantities of macadamia nuts and avocados. Grafted coffee seedlings can sell for $15 each. There is also a strong demand for local coffee roasting. Farmers markets, farm tours, coffee shops, drop-shipping, livestock, eggs, honey, chocolate, vanilla... the list of potential income sources is only limited by your imagination.

Every "farm" on the market claims an income but don't be fooled, ask for their records.

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