Secluded Yet Convenient

Birds and crickets, that's what you'll hear instead of traffic and noisy neighbors. There is plenty of privacy and so much space that the pets can wander all they want.

Enjoy the rare combination of ample seclusion while still being conveniently close to everything you need. The beach and shopping are only ten minutes away and downtown Kailua-Kona is fifteen minutes. A paved road and gentle driveway means even luxury sports cars and full-length semi-trucks can make it to this farm.


Famous Kona Coffee

Kona is famous for producing some of the world's best coffee. Bishop Road, also called Old Poi Factor Road, is known for producing some of Kona's best coffee. The perfect combination of daily sunshine, consistent rainfall, mild temperatures, and rich soil creates ideal growing conditions. This farm's coffee has won awards and receives consistent praise from cupping experts and happy customers. Most farms can only dream of coffee this fantastic.

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Gentle Terrain

When it comes to farming, easily accessible land is important. Not only is this farm groomed like a golf course at a luxury resort, the gentle slopes and deep, fertile soil make maintenance easy. The lush ground cover prevents erosion, retains moisture and helps build healthy soil with plenty of biomass to keep the trees happy. On an island made of lava rock, don't underestimate the importance of accessible terrain and good soil.

Good soil and easily accessible terrain is vital for productive farming.
There is plenty of space for all of your friends around the bonfire.