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Earth Day:  A perfect celebration for Kona Earth.
16 April 2015


Earth Day is April 22.  Here at Kona Earth we think the environment should be respected every day.  With a name like Kona Earth, it's kind of surprising that we've never celebrated Earth Day before.  This year that's going to change.

Malia If you are on the Big Island, we invite you to visit Kona Coffee & Tea.  They will have several of our coffees available.  I'm not sure what Earth Day festivities they have planned, other than drinking Kona Earth coffee of course.

For those of you not on the Big Island, we're offering a special three-pack that features three types of processing: washed, honeys and naturals.  Be warned, opinions are strong with these coffees, it's common to love one type but hate another.  Just like choosing a favorite color, everyone's opinion is different so you'll have to try them all and decide for yourself.

Washed The first pound is our traditional washed coffee.  This is the crisp, smooth Kona coffee that everyone is used to.  The difference is, we've taken this to a Full City roast.  Full City is halfway between Medium and Dark roast.  It's the most popular roast that we don't normally offer.

Honeys The second pound has a variety of names.  We call it Pulped Naturals but that doesn't sound very fancy so most people call it Honey coffee or Sweet coffee.  The sugars are left on the beans during processing which imparts a slightly sweeter flavor.  I can tell the difference instantly by aroma alone.  We've sold Pulped Naturals before and they're always been very popular.

Naturals The third pound is a full Natural.  This is the first time we've made any Naturals.  The name sounds all Earth Day-ish but it's just a different processing method rather than a special growing technique or different variety of tree.  Naturals definitely have their own distinct flavor profile.  Some people love them, some people hate them.  Which camp you're in is for you to decide.

Priced individually, these limited edition coffees would fetch a limited edition price.  The local environment has been especially nice to us this last year so, as a celebration of Earth Day, we're going to pay that forward.  We can't give the coffee away but we can sell it at a significant discount.  The message is "Be nice to the environment and it will be nice to you."

pulped naturals
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