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Guava Vacuums
19 October 2015


We have a guava tree in our garden.  This guava tree produces so much fruit that we can't possibly pick and eat it all.  The extra simply falls on the ground.  The chickens enjoy it but they can't keep up with the deluge either.  Sometime the wild pigs come by at night but it's real close to the house so the dogs usually chase the pigs away.  Usually the extra fruit simply sits on the ground until Valerie picks it up and adds it to the compost pile.

Recently we have a new guava vacuum:  our neighbor's horses.  As far as I'm concerned, that's the best kind of horse, one that drops in for a visit but costs nothing and requires no maintenance.  The Momma and her baby eat all the guava off the ground, get a drink of water from the chickens' water bucket, maybe trim the lawn a little bit, then head on their way.

It's nice having enough space that the animals can roam free.

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