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Kona Earth Coffee

Kona Decaf

Kona Decaf

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(from $60) Kona Earth Decaf uses an all-natural CO2 process to preserve the delicious flavor of Kona Coffee while eliminating 98.7% of the caffeine. The taste results are far superior to other commonly used decaffeination methods.

Click here to: Learn more about this innovative process.  

*Please note: Please allow extra time for processing. The CO2 process removes MOST but not ALL of the caffeine. Drinking a few cups of any decaf may still result in feeling some effects of caffeine. To be labeled "Caffeine Free" means that the initial product in its natural form before processing has NO caffeine to start with.  ALL DECAF COFFEE CONTAINS SMALL TRACES OF CAFFEINE, THE PERCENTAGES MAY VARY. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Timothy O
Great tasting decaf

I now have tried both roast types of the Kona Earth decaf coffee and love both. They both are a very smooth tasting coffee with no bitterness even if you let it set for hours in an insulated carafe, just a great flavor hot or cold at any time of the day.

That's great to hear, Timothy! We appreciate your kind words.

I actually haven't tried it yet.

I haven't tried the coffee just yet,I was waiting for instructions on how to store it... I wasn't sure if I should refrigerate it after grinding the whole bag. So you answer my question. And I'm gonna only do half at a time.Thank you for reaching out to me I'll let you know asap. 👌👍

Thanks, Ramon. We hope you love it!

A decaf worthy of its expectation.

Amidst decades past and years to go up ahead… I really don’t have the time left to waste drinking any lousy coffees.

So glad you loved the decaf, Joseph! Thanks for your kind words.

Benjamin Ostrov
Great coffee

This Kona decaf is very good, and at the right price. The shipping charge to Hong Kong, unlike other Kona products from other suppliers, was only about half the cost of the coffee instead of being a multiple of the coffee charge.

So great to hear! Thank you, Benjamin.

For when you want a cup of joe late in the afternoon

This is seriously "serious" decaf coffee. Recently I've learned a little more about decaf processes and I discovered that the carbon dioxide decaffeination process used by Kona Earth does not use any chemicals, has natural byproducts that are 100% recyclable, and is the best method for maintaining the natural flavor of the Kona beans. Now I understand why I appreciate this decaf coffee so much more than any other decaf on the market. Love it!

Awesome, Suzanne! So glad you're able to enjoy the delicious taste of Kona in our decaf version. Mahalo for your very kind words.