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Kona Earth: Kona coffee gift set "Indulge in Paradise"

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How about gifting a taste of paradise? This Kona coffee gift set is sure to delight.  It pairs a half-pound of your favorite 100% Kona coffee with one of our Kona Earth coffee mugs plus our coffee scrub soap and a bar of our delicious Kona dark chocolate. A treat for all the senses and a special way to indulge.

"Silky with toasted nuts is a great description for this awesome cuppa joe. I like a medium to fine grind for a nice balanced flavor and this did not disappoint."

- Chris P., Napa, CA

"No bitterness or sour aftertaste -- just smooth and incredibly aromatic. Even with a splash of milk, the full coffee flavor comes through beautifully."

- Suzanne B., Muir Beach, CA

"The medium dark roast is superb. It has a beautifully balanced flavor and acidity. Smooth from the first sip to the last."

- Erin R., Fox Island, WA

"A wonderful morning latte. Smooth, aromatic, tasty and satisfying. A great way to start the day."

- Robert W., San Francisco, CA