Kona Earth
100% Kona Coffee


Roasted coffee is available in 1 or 10 pound bags. It is always freshly roasted and you can order as many bags as you'd like. Sorry, but we do not do drop-shipping and wholesale pricing is for unroasted green beans only.

Home Roasters can purchase unroasted green beans without a wholesale account. Wholesale quantities are for professional roasters who consistently order larger quantities and need to reserve their coffee in advance. Wholesale orders are at least 20 pounds per month.

Wholesale Unroasted Green


Quality is our priority, not quantity. Kona Earth coffee consistently receives high scores from professional cuppers and state inspectors. Our highly productive trees, sustainable farming practices, and 2000 foot elevation produce 100% Kona coffee beans of remarkable size and flavor. Being a mid-sized family farm, we're large enough to be professional yet small enough for personalized service.

Freshness is guaranteed. Kona Earth produces thousands of pounds of coffee but sells out every year so there's no way you'll be getting last year's crop. After picking, the coffee is aged as parchment in a climate controlled storage room until ready for shipping. Ordering directly from the farm ensures the freshest coffee possible.

Small batches of 100% Kona green beans can be difficult to find. Large producers prefer orders of 1000 pounds or more. Smaller farms are inconsistent and sometimes sell only roasted coffee. Kona Earth caters directly to the independent, professional coffee roaster with a minimum wholesale order of only 10 pounds of unroasted green.

Shipping orders up to 100 pounds is best with USPS Priority Mail. A large flat-rate box fits 20 pounds of green. We also have an awesome FedEx discount for larger orders but it's still more expensive and only slightly faster than the post office.

If you are already an approved wholesaler with Kona Earth, sign in to access your account. To request a wholesale account, register then contact us with a description of your business and approximate quantities you will need.

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