Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers from Kona Earth

Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers from Kona Earth

If you're looking for the best gifts for coffee lovers, look no further than Kona Earth.

Known for its single-estate, 100% Kona coffee, Kona Earth is a family-owned Kona coffee farm. They nurture their authentic, Hawaiian Kona coffee from seed to cup, micro-batch roasting on-site, and shipping whole beans for ultimate freshness.


Kona Earth’s “Gift of Aloha” sets are thoughtfully packaged and make a beautiful presentation. In addition to 100% Kona coffee, these gourmet gift bundles also feature:

Kona Earth bag of coffee and chocolate on beach
  • Delicious dark chocolate, made with 75% Kona cacao from the farm. Each gourmet bar is hand-poured and scored into breakable, bite-size squares for delicious savoring. 
Kona Earth canister on beach
  • A special edition Airscape canister for coffee storage. The patented design locks out air and preserves the freshness of whole-bean coffee.
Kona Earth spa gift set
  • Kona-inspired spa sets that feature Kona coffee scrubs and soaps.
Steve and Joanie Wynn holding Kona Earth cups
  • Kona Earth mugs and hats.

In a year of belt-tightening for many shoppers, Kona Earth gift bundles present great value with options starting at around $30 and free US shipping on all orders over $100.  Gift certificates and Coffee Club subscriptions are also available. The staff is happy to add a personal touch with a handwritten note to be included with the gift item.

Shoppers can feel good about supporting Kona Earth. As a small family farm that makes artisanal specialty coffee grown in the USA, Kona Earth takes great pride in producing some of the finest coffee in the world. Kona's coffee farm workers are paid a living wage, so consumers can rest assured that Kona Earth’s coffee is fair trade and ethically sourced.

Even better, Kona Earth is committed to giving back with its "Care In Every Cup" program. A percentage of after-tax profits is donated to support reef preservation efforts at Kahalu'u Bay in partnership with Big Island non-profit, Kohala Center.

Give the coffee lover in your life the best gift of all: Kona Earth’s “Gifts of Aloha.”  With a variety of thoughtful, gourmet options that support reef preservation and fair trade practices, Kona Earth gift sets are the perfect way to make every occasion special.

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