Kona Earth Coffee Club

Never Let Your Cup Run Dry

Kona Earth VIP Membership

By joining our VIP Coffee Club, you will receive your 100% Kona Coffee "fix" automatically, delivered right from our single-estate Hawaiian Kona coffee farm to your doorstep.

As a thank you for your loyalty, we apply a 10% discount to your recurring orders. You will also receive fun perks and “first dibs” on special or limited offerings. 

Choose "subscribe and save" with your order. The same order will be processed and charged to your credit card based monthly or bimonthly, the 10% savings automatically applied at checkout. (More information.

In addition to guaranteeing you’ll always have a supply of supremely fresh 100% Kona Coffee, you can feel good knowing that you play an important part in our Care in Every Cup program which donates a portion of every purchase to non-profit organizations.