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100% Kona Coffee

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Professional Yet Personal is our motto. Kona Earth is large enough to be professional yet small to provide personal service. Producing high quality 100% Kona coffee is our top priority and we have the awards to prove it.

Estate farm means our coffee is nurtured by us from seed to cup. We control every step of the process, caring for the coffee, the trees, the farm, and the environment. After all, we drink our coffee too!

Maximum freshness is ensured by roasting in small batches then shipping directly from the farm to you. The only way to get fresher coffee is to visit the farm yourself.

Vacation Delay

The Kona Earth shipping department (i.e. Farmer Gary) is on vacation until August. You can still place your order but it might be delayed. If it's a coffee emergency then contact us and our farm-sitters will attempt to ship your coffee right away.

Free Shipping

Purchase four pounds or more of roasted coffee and shipping is FREE!

roasted coffee, U.S. only

Medium roast

Roasted to the first crack, the beans are a light chocolate brown with few surface oils. Medium roast preserves the smooth, delicate nuances that make Kona coffee so special.

Free Shipping

Purchase four pounds
or more of roasted coffee and shipping is FREE!

roasted coffee
U.S. only

Dark roast

Roasted all the way to the second crack, the beans are dark brown with an oily surface. Dark roast creates a strong, rich flavor with an unmistakable aroma.


These small round beans are considered the best of the best. Unfortunately, the popularity and extremely limited supply mean we run out frequently.

Unroasted green

Roasting your own beans ensures the freshest coffee possible. You'll need your own roaster and some practice, the reward is worth it.

Wholesale quantities are also available.

Wedding favors
Thank you gifts

Hawaiian wedding? Hawaiian themed event or party? These 2oz. sample bags of 100% Kona coffee make unique, affordable, and thoughtful gifts.

About Us


Have you ever dreamed of quitting your job, leaving the city, and living on a tropical island? We actually did it.

We were a typical suburban family with two kids, cats, and a dog. Our yard was barely large enough for a tiny garden. After tiring of the daily commute and spending all day behind a desk, we deciding to grow Kona coffee for a living instead.


Farm Tours


We love showing off our beautiful farm.

Cost: Free! No purchase necessary. But most visitors buy coffee anyways. It's a great gift for those back home.

Hours: Contact us to arrange a time. We're almost always home but call first so we can leave the gate open.

Directions: Google Maps will get you close but you will probably lose cell service half-way up the mountain.

Contact Us

78-1348 Bishop Road
Holualoa, HI  96725
808−324−1725  It is in Hawaii.

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Free Shipping - Order four pounds or more of roasted coffee and shipping is free! Sorry, but this is only for roasted coffee shipped via USPS Priority Mail to domestic U.S. locations. Free shipping does not apply to International shipping, FedEx, wholesale, unroasted green beans, or other products.


Shipping Policy - As fast and cheap as we can, that's our policy. We will package your order as soon as we receive it, often the same day or maybe the next day if we're busy with farm work or at the beach. All orders are sent via USPS Priority Mail which deliver to any U.S. destination in as little as 2-3 business days. We can also ship via FedEx but it's more expensive and not much faster. There's no such thing as overnight delivery from the island of Hawaii.

Privacy Policy - We make every effort to ensure that your personal information remains confidential. Unlike many large retailers, we do not sell or share our customer information with anyone other than what is required to sell coffee. We value our privacy and hate spam just as much as you do. Of course if you don't register you might miss out on special offers but that is completely your choice. To opt out of any special offers, simply go to your account page and uncheck the "Notify Me" box.

Return Policy - We sell more coffee when our customers are happy. We have lots and lots of happy customers and our coffee receives lots and lots of compliments but sometimes mistakes happen. If you are not satisfied with your order, simply let us know so we can try to correct the situation. If you are polite, we may replace your coffee or offer a full refund. You can Contact Us for further assistance. We are happy to help however possible.