100% Kona Coffee

Our single-estate, 100% Kona coffee is nurtured from crop to cup on our family-owned farm. We micro-batch roast on site, then ship farm-direct to your doorstep. You won't find a fresher cup of Kona. Treat yourself to a Taste of Paradise.


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We Give Back. Learn How.

Kona Premium (Extra Fancy)

Kona Classic Private Estate (Fancy)

Kona Peaberry (Currently Out of Stock)

Steve and Joanie Wynn picking coffee at Kona Earth farm

Our Story

During the pandemic, Steve and Joanie Wynn decided they were ready for a change - and a challenge. They found both in Kona Earth.

our journey

We Give Back

Kona Earth donates a percentage of post-tax profits to local non-profit Kohala Center. They do essential work protecting fragile ecosystems including our corals reefs, cloud forests and farmlands. So you can feel good knowing that,with every cup of our delicious 100% Kona coffee, you're supporting environmental stewardship.

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