Cup filled with Kona coffee beans

Your employees and customers deserve the best! Treat them to our single-estate, micro-roasted, authentic 100% Hawaiian Kona coffee. Our value-added offering is a great way to reward and differentiate with a perk that is unique, delicious, and fun. 

We design each corporate package to suit the size and needs of your organization, with unique discount codes & custom web pages that incorporate your company's logo and messaging.

Need gifts for an upcoming event or special occasion? We offer a range of corporate gifts featuring Kona coffee sample, mugs, and chocolate.

Steve and Joanie Wynn with Kona Earth coffee

Steve and Joanie Wynn, Kona Earth Owners 

Why is Kona Earth Coffee Special?

  • Grown in the famous Kona Coffee Belt on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kona Earth coffee represents an artisanal, seed to cup, approach to coffee. Kona Earth owners Steve and Joanie Wynn take great care in nurturing their trees and in overseeing every step in the coffee production process. Our coffee is hand-picked, pulped, dried and micro-roasted on site, then shipped farm-direct for incredible freshness.
  • Kona Earth farm is situated at 2000 feet on the slopes of the Hualalai volcano. Considered a high elevation farm, the location affords rich volcanic soil, mild temperatures, and plentiful rainfall. The fruit matures slowly, resulting in beans of remarkable size and quality.
  • Kona Earth coffee is made with pure, 100% Kona beans, grown single-estate, right here on our farm. We never mix our coffee with beans from other regions or farms. Each delicious cup represents the best of authentic Hawaiian Kona coffee.
  • One of the few specialty coffees grown in the USA, Kona Earth reflects sustainable farming methods and fair-wage labor for farm workers.
  • Kona Earth's "Care in Every Cup" give-back program donates a percentage of proceeds to its non-profit partner Kohala Center which protects fragile ecosystems on the Big Island. Our customers love knowing that the coffee they drink daily is contributing to the greater good.

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SJCC pro shop 
Kona Earth Coffee is served at the San Jose Country Club Pro Shop as a special perk for members of this venerable Silicon Valley establishment. Assistant manager Kevin Buckles says:
"Our members love having the best coffee in the world. Thank you!"