Impress your employees & customers with the exquisite flavor of authentic 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee

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Kona Earth Reflects Your Excellence

Authentic 100% Kona coffee is widely recognized as one of the finest specialty coffees in the world.  Grown in the USA, it supports fair-wage labor and sustainable farming methods. Even better, Kona Earth gives back to local non-profits with its Care In Every Cup initiative.

With notes of chocolate, fruit, hazelnut, and caramel, Kona Earth is one of the world's most delicious gourmet coffees. It also features a rich, nutty, and slightly earthy aftertaste, giving it a unique flavor that's quite unlike any other coffee in the world.

Experience the Kona Earth Difference

  • Grown on a private, family-owned & operated estate, Kona Earth takes an artisanal, seed to cup approach to this world renowned Hawaiian specialty coffee. 
  • Kona Earth coffee is made with pure, premium quality 100% Kona beans, grown right here on our farm. We never mix our coffee with beans from other regions or farms.
  • Each delicious cup represents the best of authentic Hawaiian Kona coffee. We micro-batch roast to order and ship farm-direct for incredible freshness.
  • One of the few specialty coffees grown in the USA, Kona Earth reflects sustainable farming methods and fair-wage labor for farm workers.
  • Kona Earth gives back to support local non-profits with our Care In Every Cup program.

Wholesale Pricing: With low MOQ's and flexible pricing based on quantity, we can work alongside you as your business grows and your Kona coffee needs expand.

Monthly Delivery: Are you ready to up your game in the office break room or customer waiting room? Let us auto-deliver freshly roasted Kona coffee to your business.

Special Events/Corporate Gifts: Need a unique thank you gift? Or something special to tuck into a swag bag? We've got options that are sure to please.

Customizations: Unique landing pages with your company's branding & messaging. Special discount codes available for your employees/customers that wish to order coffee to enjoy at their home.

Private Label Kona Coffee: Private label special roast featuring your company logo & messaging.  

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