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Best Way to Brew Coffee at Home

Welcome to Coffee Talk, our original video series that dives into the best way to brew coffee at home!

In this first video, we compare The French Press, pour-over, and AeroPress to help you decide which method suits your taste preferences. Learn about the different textures, flavor profiles, and complexities each brewing technique offers. In every video, we feature Kona Earth's 100% Kona Coffee.

Hosted by Luke of @homemadeedition and @LukeWalstead this is an excerpt from Episode 1 of Coffee Talk. Each episode explores how to make incredible coffee at home in a relaxed, easy-to-understand format to help you take your home coffee making from good to great.

Subscribe now for more tips and tricks on brewing the perfect cup of coffee! View the full episode on our channel.  Each month, there will be new shorts and full-length episodes to enjoy!  (Click on the YouTube icon to view directly on our channel) 


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