Coffee Grind Size Matters

Coffee Grind Size Matters

Coffee grind size matters and is determined by the brew method you choose.  With Kona coffee, a "one size fits all" approach can really ruin a great specialty coffee experience. Learn more in this short video clip from our YouTube series "Coffee Talk".




In summary, buy your Kona coffee whole bean, then grind it to your brewer's specifications.  A grinder doesn't need to be too pricey.  A decent Burr mill grinder with a wide range of settings is readily available for about sixty dollars.  We recommend this moderately priced one from Amazon

Want to learn more? Our new You Tube series, "Coffee Talk" takes a deep dive into all things coffee.  We share tips and tricks to help you get the most our of your 100% Kona coffee.  With new releases each month, be sure to subscribe to see the latest clips that will help you take your coffee from good to great!







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