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Kona Coffee Hits the Road with Coffee-Loving Truckers

                                                 Big-rig truck driver Sandy Davis

Sandy Davis is a big-rig trucker with a heart just as big as his truck. As he drives his 18-wheeler up and down the East Coast of the United States, he shares his passion for Kona coffee. He carries his own grinder and perks fresh Kona Earth 100% Kona coffee to share at rest stops along his route.

In addition to fueling his long days and helping to keep him alert on the road, Kona coffee is Sandy's way to show appreciation and friendship to his fellow truckers. He even shares Kona Earth coffee with complete strangers. 

Sandy and Jeanne Davis
Trucking couple Sandy & Jeanne Davis


Recently, we received this email from Sandy's wife Jeanne. A truck driver herself, she explained why Kona coffee is an important part of their life and their business: 

"Trying to find good food or especially good coffee on the road is such a challenge. So when we bought our truck we began to equip it like our home that we miss so much. We have a frig & microwave but most importantly we have a coffee grinder and percolator. 

All become very important during emergencies like accidents and very bad weather. Which both occur frequently in our line of work. We’ve pulled people out of crashed cars, trucks, RV’s and stalled cars on the side of the road in -40 degree weather. By law if we are first on the scene we Must control and assist at an accident scene until emergency services arrive. 

Of all the things that we’ve experienced on the road my absolute favorite story is one that took place on Christmas Day a few years ago in a rest area in Louisiana. There are so many great state police out here that support us and keep us safe on the road and in rest areas. That Christmas Day there was a statie sitting in the truck parking area watching over truckers as they slept.  

It was unusually cold that day by Louisiana standards so my husband and co-driver Sandy walked over to the statie asked if he could use a hot cup of coffee. He said he would very much appreciate some coffee and my husband invited him to our truck while we freshly ground some Kona Earth beans and brewed up a fresh pot.

He could smell it brewing and was amazed how good it smelled. We poured it in one of our nice thermal coffee cups and handed it to him. He took a sip and literally said wow what kind of coffee is this. We told him we bought our coffee from a family-owned Kona coffee farm in Hawaii called Kona Earth. He said this is amazing coffee and thanked us. He said I’ll bring your cup back in a few minutes but we told him to keep it as a Christmas present from us and his eyes began to tear up. 

There have been so many times that we’ve shared a cup of Kona Earth with new friends on the road.  We even give Kona Earth coffee as gifts to our closest friends and family too!"

big rig truck on the highway


As essential workers during the pandemic, truckers became our supply-chain lifeline, continuing to deliver goods and supplies even as most of us stayed home. Long haul trucking takes a certain kind of toughness but Sandy & Jeanne balance out the challenges with a healthy dose of kindness and fun. They've discovered that Kona coffee is a great way to spark a conversation and share a moment of joy - especially with many East Coasters who may have never even heard of the specialty Hawaiian Kona coffee.  
Sandy with his pal "Buddy Love"

Back at home in Cartersville, Georgia, Sandy and his wife Jeanne have been fans of Kona Earth coffee for years. They're avid fans of Kona Earth's Extra Fancy coffee and take great pleasure in sharing their passion with others.

As Kona coffee farmers, this story gives us a new appreciation for what we do.  Of course, its wonderful to produce a gourmet specialty Hawaiian coffee that is known around the world for its quality and flavor. But its even better to know that Kona coffee is also a delivery system for small acts of random kindness among strangers on the open road.

Sandy & Jeanne may live thousands of miles from Hawaii but they embrace the Aloha spirit, sharing their passion for authentic Hawaiian coffee and spreading goodwill with a smile and a freshly brewed cup of Kona Earth.

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