Kona Earth Kona Decaf coffee

Kona Decaf - All the Gourmet Flavor without the Buzz

Kona Decaf offers the opportunity to sip and savor the delicious flavor of 100% Kona coffee while eliminating unwanted caffeine. 

About Kona Decaf

Kona Earth's Kona decaffeinated coffee is single-estate grown on a family farm in Kona's famed coffee belt. The grade of the beans is "fancy", with a screen size of 18/17.

Kona Earth coffee beans are nurtured from crop to cup, micro-batch roasted on-site, and shipped directly from the farm. This ensures that customers can receive the freshest 100% Kona coffee with the extra benefit of supporting the small family farms that are the heart and soul of Kona coffee farming.

Many methods are available to remove over 98% of caffeine from coffee. Most use water (Swiss water method) or solvents to remove the caffeine from the beans. The problem with both of these methods is that the delicious flavor of the beans is compromised, and in certain instances, chemicals are added back in to "re-introduce Kona flavor" to the beans.

When customers shop for Kona coffee online, whether decaf or not, they expect to experience that world-renowned Kona coffee taste. At Kona Earth, we searched for something better to achieve our Kona Decaf.

Kona Decaf Via CO2

Kona Earth partners with Kona Decaf, a Big Island-based company that specializes in an innovative method of achieving decaffeinated Kona coffee. Here's how they describe their process:

"Carbon Dioxide is a part of the air we breathe.  Contained under heat and pressure the CO2 passes through the beans causing the molecules to become mobile.  After several hours, some of the caffeine is removed in a process known as extraction.  When the CO2 is removed, along goes some of the caffeine molecules. The oils that are responsible for the coffee taste remain. This decaffeinated green coffee can now be roasted."

 World Class Micro Roasting

Once the CO2 processing is complete, Kona Earth resumes its regular roasting protocols with the decaf green beans.  Kona coffee's unique flavor characteristics are preserved and enhanced with micro-batch roasting. The roasting is done on-site, and then each bag of whole-bean Kona coffee is shipped directly from the farm to Kona Earth customers. By roasting in small batches, beans are shipped fresh, meaning the customer will experience the optimal flavors of the Kona coffee in either a medium or medium dark roast. 

All the Benefits Without the Buzz

Kona coffee fans love the distinct characteristics of Kona coffee.  High-quality Kona coffee beans reflect the unique terroir of the region. Hawai'i's rich volcanic soil and temperate, tropical climate, create ideal growing conditions for these gourmet coffee beans. 

While maintaining the Kona coffee flavor characteristics, Kona Decaf also preserves the numerous health benefits of coffee as a whole. In essence, Kona Decaf delivers all the benefits without the buzz.*

*Please remember that ALL decaf coffee has a small percentage of caffeine. In fact, there is no such thing as "caffeine-free" coffee. The product in its natural state would have to start without caffeine to be labeled caffeine-free. 

Kona Earth's Kona Decaf is 98.7% caffeine-free. Since a trace amount of caffeine remains, one who is extremely sensitive to caffeine may feel some effects of caffeine after two or more cups of Kona Decaf. In this instance, please drink responsibly until you gauge how Kona Decaf reacts with your system.

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