Micro-batch Roasting Keeps Our Kona Coffee FRESH!

Micro-batch Roasting Keeps Our Kona Coffee FRESH!

Micro-batch roasting is a process of coffee roasting done in small batches.  Technically, a batch of 150 pounds or less is considered micro.  At Kona Earth, our batches are minuscule by comparison. We roast in batches of roughly 10 pounds, following exact specifications and roast profiles for each grade and style of our 100% Kona coffee.

JM Estrada coffee roaster

Kona Earth JM Estrada Roaster in Action


Micro-roasting our single-estate 100% Kona coffee on-site has many benefits. 

  • Freshness: First and foremost, roasting in small batches and then shipping farm-direct means the beans are supremely fresh when they arrive on your doorstep. 
  • Quality: We roast manually, tracking the process minute by minute, meticulously cataloging temperature and color. 
  • Aroma & Flavor: We taste-test each batch when it is complete to ensure that the flavor profile has been accurately represented.
Kona coffee roaster Steve WynnSteve Wynn roasts Kona Earth Coffee


Large commercial coffee producers roast in huge, automated machines. Macro roasters produce over 100,000 pounds of roasted coffee per year. At Kona Earth, we don't roast even one-tenth of that amount. We consider ourselves to be small but mighty, roasting our single-estate Kona coffee by hand and shipping it as soon as possible. Unlike coffee that sits on a store shelf for months, Kona Earth coffee beans are shipped within days of roasting.

Steve and Joanie Wynn drink Kona Earth coffee

Kona Earth owners Steve and Joanie Wynn


We consider Kona coffee roasting an art form.  It mixes science, technology, and the master roaster's sensibilities into a dark and delicious coffee bean. We baby-sit each batch, making sure it meets the standards of a gourmet Hawaiian Kona coffee we would drink ourselves.

For us, making great Kona coffee is personal and incredibly hands-on. It represents a passion and we take great care in every pound we produce.  We think this personal approach adds to the quality.  It adds to our Kona coffee story. Our customers know exactly who grows their coffee, where it's grown, and how it is processed. This artisanal approach is appreciated by Hawaiian coffee fans who want to know that their premium Kona coffee is made with Aloha.





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