Collection: Kona Earth Swag

Looking for a fun way to show your love for Kona Earth coffee? Check out our Kona Earth swag! We've got hats, canisters and mugs, all emblazoned with our signature logo. Whether you're looking for a gift for a coffee lover in your life or just want to treat yourself, our Kona Earth swag is sure to please.
Kona Earth Swag
Kona coffee mugs

Kona Earth - Kona Earth Mugs

($15) Wake Up and Smell the 100% Kona Coffee with our one of our Kona Earth mugs.  11 oz. white mug...
Kona Earth hat in khaki

Kona Earth - Kona Earth Hat

($25) Enjoy your coffee in style! Made from 100% pigment-dyed, water-washed cotton twill, our unstructured cap features a low-profile design...
Kona Earth Airscape coffee caniseter

Kona Earth - Kona Earth Edition Airscape Canister

($35) What’s the best way to store your premium 100% Kona coffee?  In this handsome, special edition, engraved Kona Earth...