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Meet the Team, See the Farm

Owners Steve and Joanie Wynn took the reins of Kona Earth farm three years ago.  In this video, they share some details about the farm and how their 100% Kona coffee is nurtured from seed to sip.

 Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk is a new video series from Kona Earth Coffee. Each episode explores how to make incredible coffee at home in a relaxed, easy to understand format to help you take your home coffee making from good to great. Every episode shares tips and tricks to "up" your coffee game and features our 100% Kona Coffee from Kona Earth farm. Coffee Talk shorts are single-topic one-minute clips while the longer form videos take a deeper dive. 

How to Brew Coffee at Home (French Press vs Pour Over vs AeroPress)

Dialing in Coffee Flavor

Coffee Grinding Basics

Perfecting Coffee Brew