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Kona Earth Coffee

100% Kona Private Estate Coffee

100% Kona Private Estate Coffee

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(from $25) Our 100% Kona Private Estate coffee is single-estate grown, whole bean Kona goodness. With a screen size of 17/18, this fancy Kona coffee is micro-batch roasted on site and shipped farm-direct for supreme freshness.


  • MediumBrown sugar, almond, cocoa, cream, apple, jasmine, milk chocolate, orange.   
  • Full City: Roasted nuts, caramelized sugar, tobacco, bittersweet chocolate, a hint of lime.
  • DarkNutty, molasses, dense and creamy body, bittersweet chocolate.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Gregory F
It's a perfectly cromulent Arabica.

So the reason I bought the 100% Kona coffee is because, at least according to the buzz I see on the interwebs, Kona is the most sought after coffee these days, and as such represents the very best of Arabica coffee. It's certainly among the priciest I've found.

I wanted to make sure I tried the best, because I've tried a couple Vietnamese Robusta brands, and found I like them better than the Arabica's I had tried, in spite of the fact that virtually the entire coffee world has declared Arabica superior to Robusta, and written Robusta off as complete trash. So I wanted to make sure I wasn't just buying inferior Arabica coffees.

Having now tried Kona (which is certainly among the best Arabica's I've tried), I still like Robusta better.

Perhaps it's one of those gene expression things, like Cilantro. The science wonks found a gene which makes Cilantro taste like soap to some people so they don't like it.

Arabica tends to taste like celery to me, so I find I prefer the earthier flavor of Robusta. Or to introduce a musical analogy, Arabica is up in the treble clef, whereas Robusta hits those deeper bass clef notes, which I prefer.

I still give Kona Earth a five star, because the order went well and, like I said, it seems like a fine Arabica. Also, I feel like ratings for things like coffee that are so subjective, it's best to draw a distinction between our personal taste preference and the quality of the product in a more objective sense.

Thanks for your insights, Gregory. We appreciate your 5-stars and thoughtful review.

danny klauss
Sweet 100% Kona

Outstanding flavor and smooth.

Thanks, Danny. So glad you loved the coffee:)

Banya Mullinix
Kona Private Estate Coffee is terrific

Your Kona Private Estate Coffee is delicious. I will definetly be getting more!

Stephen Laruccia
Kona Earth

Kona Earth was smooth and delicious; we enjoy it every morning with breakfast. It reminds us of Jamaican Blue Mountain, another premium coffee.

Bob Fish
Excellent service!

Ordered coffee online, easy, and quick. I got coffee in 2 days

Thanks so much, Bob! We appreciate your feedback.