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Kona Earth Coffee

Kona Coffee Meat Rub

Kona Coffee Meat Rub

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($12.50) Kona Earth Spice is our 100% Kona coffee meat rub that will take your backyard BBQ or gourmet kitchen to new heights. This delicious blend of spices won't overpower the natural flavor of whatever you're cooking. The coffee acts as an excellent meat tenderizer, so get ready to cook up something incredible with Kona Earth Spice. 

About Spice: Great on chicken, steak, fish, and pork -- on the grill or in the kitchen -- this custom blend of spices features our single-estate, 100% Kona coffee.  In addition to adding great flavor, Spice coffee rub makes a great meat tenderizer, delivering mouth-watering results every time.

How to Use Kona Earth Spice: Rub a generous amount on beef, fish, chicken or pork. Let marinate for two hours or more -- overnight is even better. 

Product Details: Each 8-ounce bag includes our custom blend of spices featuring our 100% Kona coffee.

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Customer Reviews

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Kimi Johnson
Holiday Kudos for Kona Earth flavors

I ordered bags of spice rub and 1/2 pound bags of Kona coffee as holiday gifts for our company's contractors. Everyone raved about the wonderful flavors. They loved getting a unique gift, different from the usual holiday candies and cookies. I will definitely keep giving Kona Earth gifts.

That's awesome to hear, Kimi. Glad to hear the Kona Earth gifts were a hit!

Delicious! Just what we were looking for.

Great flavors, with just the right balance of spices. We had been making our own coffee-based rub for a while but this one hit the spot and was so easy! We ended up leaving the rub on steaks overnight and grilled them the next day - tasted great, not overpowering. We can't wait to try it on other meats - chicken is next!

So glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for your kind words.

Suz B.
Delicious and versatile

This meat rub is absolutely delicious! You can use it on fish, meat, chicken, you name it. It's particularly lovely if you marinate for a couple of hours ahead of cooking. My favorite way to use it so far Rubbing a generous amount into pork tenderloin (no marinating time needed), popping the tenderloin into a sous vide for 2 hours, and then doing a quick sear on the BBQ. Holy cow. The meat basically makes itself with this rub. So tender and so yummy!

So thrilled that you love it, Suz. We haven't tried it that way yet...sounds amazing. Thanks for the tip!