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Kona Earth Spice - 100% Kona Coffee Meat Rub

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($15.00) Introducing Kona Earth Spice, our 100% Kona coffee meat rub that will take your backyard BBQ or gourmet kitchen to new heights. Made with our delicious ground authentic Hawaiian Kona coffee, this remarkable meat rub will give you a flavor that's simply out of this world. Not only will it knock your socks off in terms of taste, but it also acts as an excellent tenderizer. 

Kona Earth Spice will liven up any meal, whether you're grilling up some fish, chicken, pork, beef, -- great on grilled Portobello mushrooms too.  And even better? It won't overpower the natural flavor of whatever you're cooking.  Bring the steakhouse experience to your backyard with Kona Earth Spice.

How to Use Kona Earth Spice: Rub a generous amount on beef, fish, chicken or pork. Let marinate for two hours or more -- overnight is even better. 

Product Details: Each 8-ounce bag includes our custom blend of spices featuring our 100% Kona coffee.

"Silky with toasted nuts is a great description for this awesome cuppa joe. I like a medium to fine grind for a nice balanced flavor and this did not disappoint."

- Chris P., Napa, CA

"No bitterness or sour aftertaste -- just smooth and incredibly aromatic. Even with a splash of milk, the full coffee flavor comes through beautifully."

- Suzanne B., Muir Beach, CA

"The medium dark roast is superb. It has a beautifully balanced flavor and acidity. Smooth from the first sip to the last."

- Erin R., Fox Island, WA

"A wonderful morning latte. Smooth, aromatic, tasty and satisfying. A great way to start the day."

- Robert W., San Francisco, CA