Kona Earth Partners with Dragonfly Espresso-O!

Kona Earth Partners with Dragonfly Espresso-O!

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Kona Earth's 100% Kona coffee has devoted fans all around the world. Some love the purity of its single-estate beans and the smooth, delicious flavor. Some appreciate that its grown in the US on a family-run farm that takes an artisanal approach; nurturing the coffee from seed to cup. For still others, Kona Earth coffee offers an interest-level beyond sheer enjoyment, sparking an idea for a new business venture. This is the case with Dragonfly Espress-O!


Robyn Rankie

Robyn Rankie had a 20-year career as an administrator in the medical industry in Upstate New York, managing multiple offices and handling bookkeeping and employee benefits. In February of this year, she decided she was ready for a new challenge and stepped away from the career she'd known and loved.  But what would her new chapter look like?

Robyn had a passion for Kona coffee.  She had traveled to the Big Island on several occasions and always remembered the delicious coffee she enjoyed when visiting, calling it "the best coffee I have ever had!"  Now, the timing seemed right for her dream of owning a coffee cart and Dragonfly Espress-O! was born. 

Dragonfly Espresso-O coffee cart


In selecting a Kona coffee company to partner with, she reached out to Kona Earth. Robyn loves the fact that Kona Earth coffees are all single-estate grown on a family owned and operated farm in Hawaii.

She can also be confident that her  Kona coffee will always be supremely fresh. Micro-batch coffee roasting is done right on site and then Kona Earth's authentic Hawaiian Kona coffee is shipped directly from the farm.

Robyn picked up the phone and called Kona Earth owner, Joanie Wynn. They chatted about her longtime dream of starting a mobile Kona coffee business and, having recently made a significant career pivot herself, Joanie could relate.


When Robyn told friends and neighbors about her plan to sell 100% Kona coffee, they were delighted and excited to try it. Her first event was Memorial Day weekend at a farmer's market in downtown Buffalo at Canalside. Dragonfly Espress-O! was chosen as the sole coffee vendor for the event. Customers lined up to taste the delicious Kona coffee and immediately inquired as to when she'd be back and how often. The Canalside director was so pleased that she invited Robyn to return to sell her coffee every weekend throughout the summer. It was a momentous start; Kona coffee success right out of the gate.

Kona Earth sign at Dragonfly Espress_O!

Robyn loves the fact that her Kona coffee cart brings a smile to her customers. She loves sharing her passion for 100%  Hawaiian Kona coffee and educating folks about what makes it so special. She especially appreciates that her coffee sales are contributing to the greater good with Kona Earth's give-back program, Care In Every Cup.  And for customers who want to enjoy 100% Kona coffee at home, she shares the Kona Earth website information so that they can order online to receive monthly shipments.


Kona Earth owner Joanie Wynn is tickled with the new partnership, "It is fun to see a new venture take shape and be a part of its success and growth. We are here to support Robyn as she grows Dragonfly Espress-O! into a thriving Kona coffee connection for folks on the East Coast. It's also a great opportunity for us to reach new fans who may like to enjoy our authentic Hawaiian Kona coffee at home. It's a win for both of us."

Looking ahead, Robyn will enjoy many outdoor events throughout this summer.  Then, during the frigid Buffalo winters, she hopes to have a gourmet indoor Kona coffee bar suitable for weddings and holiday parties. Long term, she dreams of expanding her new business as a franchise in Buffalo and Florida and beyond. Sounds like Dragonfly Espress-O! is buzzing with possibilities.



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