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The Best Kona Coffee - Right from the Source

When shopping for the best Kona coffee, there are myriad choices. So what makes Kona Earth coffee different --or may we suggest better -- than other Kona coffee growers?  Here are a few things that set us apart:

Kona Earth farmKona Earth's farm is located at 2200 feet, a high-elevation location that delivers distinct advantages. 

Location, Location, Location

Kona Earth is located at 2200 feet in elevation, on the tropical slopes of the Hualalai volcano. Considered a high elevation farm, the growing conditions in this micro-climate are near perfect for our Kona Typica orchard. Our high "mauka" climate has sunny mornings, giving the trees the all important sunlight they need for fruit development. By mid-afternoon, clouds have come in bringing shade and moisture, with ample rainfall.

This is the natural weather pattern created by the volcano and it is optimal for farming Kona coffee. Morning trade winds from the windward side of the island pass over the volcano and out to sea. There they pick up moisture and travel back over our farm, providing the essential afternoon shade and moisture that our Kona coffee trees love.

Our farm's elevation, along with our cooler temperatures, contributes to a later coffee harvest season with a longer development phase for our Kona Typica trees. The result? Large, lush, cherry and large, robust coffee beans within. 

Kona Earth owners Steve and Joanie Wynn

Kona Earth owners Steve & Joanie Wynn take a hands-on approach to growing their 100% Kona coffee

The Personal Touch

Our farm is 26 acres in total, with about 12 acres of Kona Typica planted and another 2.5 acres of Red Caturra keiki (baby trees) that were just planted. Though we may not be the biggest Kona coffee farm, we are committed to selling only the coffee we grow ourselves. Marketed as single-estate Kona coffee or private-estate Kona coffee, there's a reason it is considered a premium product. 

Farmer and Kona Earth co-owner Steve Wynn is out in the fields every single day, doing a majority of the farm management work - from mowing and fertilizing to processing and composting. He oversees the picking crews, pruning and chipping. His wife Joanie is in charge of shipping and fulfillment and customer service. Every pound of Kona coffee that is shipped represents their personal efforts to grow and sell the best Kona coffee available.

This single-estate approach ensures that our customers can learn exactly how the farm is managed at every stage of the season and how the coffee is processed. It is a true "seed to sip" or "crop to cup" Kona coffee that is nurtured right here on site.

If you're looking for an authentic, farm to table relationship with your coffee and Kona coffee farmer, you won't find a more personal approach than Kona Earth.

Close up of a coffee beans inside a roaster

 Micro-batch roasting ensures freshness and quality

Micro-Batch Roasting

We micro-roast our coffee in small batches of less than twenty pounds each. We use a JM Estrada roaster in manual mode, meaning we are monitoring the coffee throughout each minute of the roasting process. This is another example of our hands-on approach, where our roasting process is custom and personal.  We don't keep hundreds of pounds of coffee on hand.  Instead, we roast as orders come in - shipping within days of the roast.

Why does this matter? A key determining factor in Kona coffee quality is its freshness. When you buy a bag off the shelf at a grocery or big box store, there's no telling how long it's been sitting there. By ordering your Kona coffee farm-direct from Kona Earth, you know you're getting a freshly roasted product that will deliver the gourmet Kona coffee goodness you've come to expect. 

roasted and green coffee beans on a table

Kona Earth ships whole bean coffee

Whole Bean is Better

Kona Earth only ships whole-bean coffee. Why is that?

Most of our customers are looking for the highest quality Kona coffee they can find and, as specialty coffee drinkers, they want ultimate control over the way their Hawaiian coffee is brewed. Whether it's a pour over or espresso, Kona coffee lovers like to grind to their preferred settings immediately prior to brewing. 

By shipping whole-bean, pure 100% Kona coffee, we know that our customers will benefit from the greatest flexibility with freshly roasted beans that last longer. 

coffee cup being filled

Kona Earth only sells authentic, pure 100% Kona coffee

All Things Considered

When shopping for the finest Kona coffee, true specialty coffee connoisseurs want to know where their beans come from and how they are grown, processed, roasted, and shipped. They want to be assured that they are buying authentic, 100% Kona - not a Kona blend made with lower quality beans.

Kona Earth provides this in-depth knowledge for the customer, standing behind the quality of every Kona coffee bean it sells. If you want the true taste of paradise, you've come to the right place.

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